In a press conference this Wednesday, on the eve of the Europa League match between Stade Rennais and NS Mura (on RMC Sport), Bruno Genesio congratulated Lille for its victory against Sevilla in the Champions League. He praised the good results of French clubs in Europe.
Would French soccer be better? Would it have changed its mentality? Not impossible, if we believe the results obtained since the beginning of the season by the French clubs engaged on the European scene. If it does not impress yet, PSG is solidly installed at the top of its group in the Champions League before facing RB Leipzig this Wednesday (9pm on RMC Sport). It could reach the round of 16 with Losc. After frustrating results in the first three games of the group stage, the French champion has raised the tone and has achieved a nice blow by winning Tuesday at Sevilla (2-1).

In the Europa League, Lyon took nine points out of nine possible. The record is also very good for Monaco (two wins, one draw), and OM, despite its three draws, has the weapons to do better than its current third place. In the new Europa League Conference, everything is going well for Stade Rennais, first of its group after three games. These performances make Bruno Genesio say that the Ligue 1 may not have much to envy to its European neighbors.

“We should not gargle either”
“I want to congratulate Lille and Jocelyn (Gourvennec), it’s nice to see a French team play like Lille played on Tuesday. It shows that the 10th or 11th in the French championship (Lille is 12th, ed.) can beat the third in La Liga, contrary to everything we can sometimes hear about the devaluation of the work of coaches and Ligue 1 in general. Congratulations to Lille. I think that French clubs are working well, maybe they have lost their complexes. We must continue. It was not the same speech not so long ago,” said the coach of Stade Rennais this Wednesday in a press conference, on the eve of hosting the Slovenian NS Mura.

But then how to explain these good results? “Perhaps the coaches are progressing, perhaps the contribution of foreign coaches also makes us progress, it is a whole, commented Genesio. We are still a league where very young players play, which does not prevent us from having quality in Ligue 1 matches and in Europe. It shows that French training is progressing well with players and coaches. But we shouldn’t gargle, see ourselves as better than we are or devalue ourselves either.”


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