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Mercato : Barça, Arsenal, Milan… Renato Sanches without tongue in cheek

Capable of incredible flashes of brilliance, Renato Sanches is hampered by recurring physical problems. It was an injury that prevented the Portuguese midfielder from leaving Lille for FC Barcelona during the last summer mercato.


Many tend to forget it, but Renato Sanches is only 25 years old. Very strong, very early, with Benfica, the Portuguese midfielder got a little lost with a premature transfer to Bayern Munich. “I was not ready to play in such a club. I was too young. And when I felt ready, the opportunity to play with this team never came,” he argued for L’Equipe.

Sanches should have signed for Barça

“Today I feel ready. I understand soccer better, I have more experience, I know what it takes to play in this kind of club and that changes everything” Recognized the 2016 European champion, who let himself go to an unprecedented confidence. Indeed, the player of Lille said he was close to join … Barcelona. But an injury, one more, came to spoil the party for the Dogue, prepared for a sale to the Catalan club. “There was this injury and I understood that I would stay here. Since then, I am focused on Lille. I’m happy to be here. When I was not playing at Bayern, it was Lille and Luis (Campos) who called me. Here, I play and I give everything. Lille is my club, my home,” said Sanches, who did not deny being disappointed. “At first it was a shock, but then you relativize. Soccer is all about ups and downs and I’m used to it. I stopped thinking about the interested clubs and the rest to fix myself on the recovery. Because if you do not recover, no club is interested in you”, said the main player. relativized the main interested.

A soft spot for Milan

However, Sanches does not rule out a possible departure this winter. “Maybe Milan and Arsenal are interested but I don’t know. I have spoken with my agent, I know which clubs are calling or not, but I can not say now. But I know I’m ready. If an offer comes, I will see what is best for me”, continued the Lusitanian. Continued the Lusitanian, who apparently has a soft spot for the Italian club. “It’s a great club, historical. The class. I like it.” Appointment in January to close the deal?


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