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Arsenal: Wenger admits he made a bad choice

Left in 2018 from Arsenal after 22 years of good and loyal service, Arsène Wenger returned on his experience. He conceded that he made a bad choice.


It is never easy to leave a place where you feel good. That’s probably why Arsène Wenger has stayed with Arsenal for so long. The Strasbourg native arrived at the London club in 1996 and remained in charge of the first team until 2018. But he has just conceded that his lease should have been shorter.


In a long interview with the Telegraph, the man who won the Premier League title three times at the helm of the Gunners, admitted for the first time that he perhaps should have let go of the reins earlier: “I identified myself totally with the club and that was a mistake. It’s a weakness of mine that I liked where I was too much. I regret that. I should have gone somewhere else.”

“I could have coached PSG”

And Arsène Wenger evokes the departure of David Dein (former member of the board) in 2007, and to be more precise: “2007 was a key moment. It was the first time I felt tensions within the management. I was torn between staying loyal to the club and staying loyal to David (Dein). I still ask myself that question today. […] I could have taken charge of the French team, the English team two or three times. I could have gone to Real Madrid twice. I could have coached Juventus, PSG and even Manchester United.”


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